Article in the Yakima Herald!

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Today the Yakima Herald posted their article, by Adriana Janovich, about the West Valley Fair History book! You can read it here.

For those of you directed here from the article, welcome!

If you are interested in ordering an electronic copy of the book for $10.00 (all proceeds benefit the fair!) or have any questions about the West Valley Fair History book, send an e-mail to

Pre-orders can be available during the fair, or downloaded online when it is available.

West Valley Fair History Book

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The West Valley Fair history book is coming together!! Good thing, too. I’m looking at about 350 pages when the thing is done! But, hey, a lot can happen in 60 years!

I had a one hour interview in Yakima with the Yakima Herald newspaper concerning the West Valley Fair 60th anniversary book. It went well. I took the only known cardboard ribbon from the first fair with me for a photo op. The article will be coming out before the fair on July 21st. I hope we sell a lot (at …$10 each). With state budget cutbacks, the fair needs every penny it can get.

Upcoming work!

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Another art show opening in my future…All 3 of my entries for the “Mighty Tieton” show were accepted. The show is called “Smaller is Bigger.” All had to fit in a 10 by 10 by 10 inch box. I have a set of 3 miniature coil baskets, a clay Anasazi style canteen, and a Hupa-style coil basket. One more show to go that I know of–I have to finish a feather basket for the Yakima Allied Arts “Cowiche Canyon” show.

Benton-Franklin County Fair

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Hello all! I’ve got a few projects in the works right now, getting ready for a couple of events coming up.  Just finished up an art show at the Allied Arts Center in Yakima, as well as the West Valley Fair. I also have a couple of projects on display at the Sixth Street Gallery in Prosser. Also, check out the displays in the hallways at the WSU Tri-Cities campus- you just might find some of my projects.

Look for my work in a couple of upcoming shows and fairs. I plan on bringing some work up to Grandview, WA to display in the Yakima Valley Jr. Fair. I am also working on a couple projects to put on display at the Benton-Franklin County Fair.

Currently in progress is a Klickitat style basket- I started working on this project in February and expect for it to be completed by the end of August, in time for display at the Benton-Franklin County fair. Here are a couple shots of it in progress.



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Thank you for your interest in my art!
Burden Basket

Burden Basket